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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [04.29.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Card Manufacturer: InnoVISION
GPU Manufacturer: NVIDIA
MSRP: $80-$100

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Once again we see a big difference in multitexturing performance.  But one would think that GPUs running at the same clock speed would be able to get similar fill rates when single texturing. However, the FX doesn't seem to be able to keep up.  Remember, this is a budget card, so it's not supposed to, but the clock speed of the GPU is identical to the TI4200, so it may raise some questions.

Performance in the shader and ragtroll tests are somewhat close, but neither card can really handle this sort of stress; they aren't really designed for it.  Even with pixel shader 2.0 support, the FX5200 can only manage 7 frames per second in the pixel shader test. 

DirectX8 - AquaMark

The FX loses out here, possibly due to lower memory bandwidth, but these scores aren't terribly close.  It's not like AquaMark is a new or heavily stressful engine either, though it does make a lot of use of shaders, and the polygon count is somewhat heavy.  Memory bandwidth, or poor shader performance?  We're not sure.

Pro Rendering: - Codecreatures

Neither of these cards do well here, but this is a test where only the strongest of GPUs survive, and neither card (Especially the FX5200) was meant to handle this sort of load. The FPS scores are nearly identical here.

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