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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [04.29.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Card Manufacturer: InnoVISION
GPU Manufacturer: NVIDIA
MSRP: $80-$100

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We can see from the 8 light test that the T&L engine is still fairly strong; the loss in frame rate can be attributed to the lower memory bandwidth. Also, the basic Pixel Shader test is comparatively close as well.  But the Vertex Shaders and the Advanced Pixel Shader test is a complete wash: the FX5200 is not competitive.

Keep in mind here that the ordinary Pixel Shader test uses v1.1 pixel shaders, while the advanced test prefers to use higher versions, up to and including v1.4.  The TI4200 doesn't support v1.4, but the FX5200 does, since 2.0 shaders support all v1.x shaders as well.  This may indicate inefficient use of the new 2.0 shader engine that could be fixed with driver tweaks later.  Keep in mind though, that at least it HAS shaders.  No other card down in this price point does.

Single texturing is comparatively close, but the FX5200 is not very strong when it comes to multitexturing, like most DirectX9-designed cards.

DirectX9 - 3DMark03

Since I don't like the word "Optimal” as it's too non-specific, I overrode the defaults with bilinear filtering for this test.

The figures for 3DMark03 tend to follow the same trends as 3DMark2001SE, though here the FX has an edge due to hardware support for DirectX9.  The 3DMarks score is comparatively close.  As you can see, the game tests are close too, though the FX picks up points for being able to run Game4; where it loses out in performance on the other games (Including the single-textured Game1).  This card runs at the same clock speed as the TI4200; you would think it could do better in Game1, which isn't terribly stressful.  2 and 3 might be explainable by lower memory bandwidth, since they have a lot more polygons.

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