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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [04.18.03]
Manufactured by: Bytecc
MSRP: $55

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A keyboard, you ask?  What's the big deal about a keyboard?  Does it have funky new buttons?  Well no...nor does it have some fancy mind-controlled mouse, or anything else.  But it glows. Is that enough for you? ;)


Well, yeah.  it glows.  Electroluminescent-like.  Not only that, but this thing is lightweight. REAL lightweight.  Lighter than most paperback that I have.  Doesn't feel cheap though. Instead if feels nice and solid. Just...lightweight. And small.  Real small, compared to a desktop keyboard, as you can see.

Anyway, because of the size, they didn't include a numeric keypad.  Ouch. I love those. But there are full function keys, and they're 3/4-height, unlike some of the half-height ones on laptops.  But this keyboard is SMALL.  Real small. No-I'm-Not-Kidding-small. It's nearly an inch narrower than the keyboard on my Dell Inspiron 4100. Ok, now we're getting into micro-territory.

That is going to make for smaller keys compared to a desktop.  Be warned if you have big fingers.  Also, because of the thinness of the device, key travel might not be what you're used to, unless you're used to a notebook computer's keyboard; it's about the same. it's certainly workable, but it's not what you'd expect from a desktop keyboard.

There are two small flip-out legs to keep the keyboard tilted at a better angle.  It helps a lot.  Also, the keyboard itself is USB, so installation is easy.  Besides, I doubt a PS/2 port would provide enough power for the glowing effect.

The Package

See the box?  It's plastic. And besides the keyboard, and the liner, there's NOTHING in it. Really.  Were you expecting instructions on how to use a KEYBOARD? 

To be honest, it might help if they put in a little quickie thing, for those who use Win98, on which it's trickier to install a USB keyboard at times.  But it installs as a standard HID USB device, so it should even work under Linux.

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