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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.06.03]
Manufactured by: CpuMate

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Fit & Finish

There's no denying that the CpuMate designed a great looking cooler here.  If the heatpipe and side mounted fan don't get your attention, the neat blue plastic casing definitely will.  I particularly like the translucent plastic used on the newer model.

The bottom of the cooler presents a not-quite-mirror finish, although it is very smooth and flat.

Overall, the fit and finish of the CpuMate is very nice - it looks great, and was designed and engineered intelligently if not minimaly.  CpuMate didn't just go and throw on a heatpipe because it was a buzz word; they installed it properly, taking thermal properties into consideration. You can also tell they did some research before deciding to use a side mounted fan, which would have inevitably introduced a ton of headaches to their engineers.


Of course performance is what it's all about, and we have to try to justify the noisy little fan they used on this unit.  Normally we leave our performance cooling reviews up to Ed, but I am the P4 guy, so I'll be comparing this to the P4 coolers I have - the Intel stock cooler, and the Cooler Master IHC-L71, which also uses copper heatpipes in a similar fasion (although their application is not quite as sophisticated).

While the CpuMate is "OK to Overclocking", I don't think it's meant to be put against the Big Guns at >3GHz.  Therefore I am going to test it on the hottest stock P4 Northwood around - the early 2.8 GHz.  This bad boy pumps out so much wattage, even the stock heatsink isn't enough to cool it down in my current environment.  This should come close to replicating a similarly clocked Northwood with a higher than stock voltage.  Let's see how it does!

As you can see, it does indeed perform better than the Cooler Master cooler, which features a 70x70x25 fan, and full copper construction.  For whatever reason (this may have been a test variance), the idle performance isn't quite as good.  Of course, stress performance is what it's all about.

The CpuMate "Achilles" DIA-21500 left me with mixed impressions.  It has some flaws, but it definitely bodes well for the future of CpuMate as the next great performance cooling company out of Taiwan.  While their first stab at making a high end performance cooler has experienced some hiccups, it is great to see such innovation and imagination used in designing this cooler.

Performance-wise, I was quite surprized to see it do so well.  Seeing the little fan they used, I had my doubts.  But hearing the noise the fan makes, you know that it is pushing a lot of air.  Don't be too concerned about the noise however; while it is definitely more noticable than that on the Intel Stock cooler, it is not high pitched at all.

CpuMate is definitely a company to keep your eyes on, and we look forward to reviewing more of their products in the future.  I can't wait to see what they can do with a full copper heatsink, and maybe a bigger fan... Ohh I am drooling already :)

  • Performs quite well for the size
  • Looks cool!
  • Good use of theory with heatpipes and side mounted fan

  • Installation is more laborous than necessary
  • Quite noisy

Final Score: 86%