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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [03.31.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Telex

MSRP: $199.99

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It Does The Job...But...

We've all heard it before when we go over to a buddy's place and he's got KOSS speakers from the first days of sound cards.  The most common excuse for having crapalicious speakers "Meh...there's sound and that's good enough.  It gets the job done."  This is totally true.  As long as there's sound coming out of them, they're serving their purpose.

Does that mean you should be satisfied though?  Does that mean that the job is being done well?  Of course not.  Using speakers like these is like driving around in this abomination.


It gets the job done but it sure isn't pretty.  Of course, in the first days of PC sound that wasn't a series of beeps and boobs, we didn't really notice but against today's competition, the sound from these crapboxes can't even be described as "tinny" but more along the lines of..."alumininum foil being stomped by a herd of water buffalo."  Luckily for us, the world of PC audio has advanced leaps and bounds in the last few years after a few rocky moments with add-on Labtec subwoofers.  Today, we have THX-certified sets with speakers louder than early subwoofers and subwoofers that can cause small earthquakes.


We'll be looking at the SonicXS 2.1 set from Telex and while they aren't THX certified, they do pack a lot of power.

Another Crossover?

Years ago, no one had ever heard of Klipsch other than home theatre junkies but today, Klipsch is probably the most well known name in PC speakers. 

In the same way, just about all of you will have never heard of Telex, unless you spend all your time at clubs and concerts looking up in the rafters.  If you have, you would have noticed an EV logo, like the one you see below.

That's right, while Klipsh made the move from high end home theatre to high end PC speakers, Telex went from hardcore concert speakers to hardcore PC speakers! And yes, they DO describe their speakers as "Hardcore Multimedia"!

Yes, we all know the sweetness that is surround sound but not everyone has the space for 5 speakers and a sub and in this case, some people will have to settle for a good 2.1 setup.  If music is your main thing on PC's, this is better suited anyway.


That being said, not everyone is going to have room for the SonicXS 2.1 speakers either.  In a word, these things are simply MASSIVE.  When I received the box, I thought that they had sent me the 4.1 setup but soon discovered that the satellites are almost as big as some subwoofers!  Each satellite is approximately 24cm tall and has a footprint of about 11cm x 15cm. 

Each satellite houses a 1" horn tweeter, a 4" woofer and pumps out 60 watts (30 watts RMS), which is more than some complete speaker systems.


One of the things that people have been complaining about since the beginning of time is the location of the volume controls and the inclusion of headphone jacks.  I'm very pleased that the SonicXS set includes both.  Right on the front of one of the satellites is not only a volume knob but bass/treble balance knob, which, in effect is a bass volume dial.  Subwoofer volume can also be controlled with a knob on the sub itself.

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