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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [09.18.02]
Category: Space Simulation
Developer: 3000AD
Publisher: 3000AD

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Well, in addition to the game itself, 3000AD is planning on releasing 2 complete expansion packs for the engine, which will basically contain 2 whole new "universes" (even though one is meant to cover current-day carrier battle). There is no multiplayer in the game at present, though it is being worked on and will be released as a free download add-on. But the game itself is a living world...constantly expanding and changing. Theoretically, the game shouldn't be the same when you jump into it. But will it be visible to the player?

I do wish that the game had shipped with multiplayer, but 3000AD has not finished developing it yet, and they felt that it was better to release the multiplayer as a patch, rather than releasing a flawed and, basically lousy multiplayer mode with the game now. The problem is, the design of this game strikes me as being intended PRIMARILY for massively online multiplayer, and, as I mentioned when discussing them, the missions seem to be a poor tack-on to make this game marketable as a single-player standalone game.

Score: 5/15

Reviewing this game presented me with a number of interesting quandaries. First of all, because of the size of the undertaking, I spent several months with it. This was to learn the interface, the keyboard, the modes, and everything else. And after going through all that, and finding so little plot, and so little satisfaction, it hurt. Graphically, it's pretty good. The engine is a solid design, and though it has some major control issues to work out, that's patch territory.

There were two major killers in this game though. One was the lack of a step-by-step tutorial. No military in their right mind is going to send a ship captain out without him going to captain school first, and probably several supervised training missions. The second will kill just about any game, and that's an utter lack of plot. There seem to be no assigned way to find missions on your own, and no way to even observe or interface with what the game engine is doing behind the scenes. This is just simply inexcusable. Not only that, it pretty much takes the game portion out of the game, and reduces it to simply an engine. And while some people may be attracted to an engine where you can just fly around for hours doing whatever you like, most people will find little to no satisfaction to this game.

Basically, with all of the useless job combinations in here, and the lack of plot, I'd have to classify Battlecruiser: Millennium not as a game, but as a technology demonstration for their upcoming multiplayer online version. And it's a good demonstration, and it's probably even good practice for the interface and the controls. But a game, it is not.

By the way, the sad part is, it pretty much worked on me. After seeing this, I have a very good idea of what the online multiplayer might be like, and I want to see it fairly badly. I guess even a bad "game" can have very good effects. Let's hope Geoff feels the same way, because as a game, or even a "simulation" Battlecruiser Millennium gets the Goat of the Month Award.

Here Geoff...come on boy.. got some food for you. No Geoff, it's yummy, trust me. Come on,. eat it! There you go....aww, MAN! Not my new shoes!!!!


First impressions:
Intimidating from the start.

The manual:
Lot of information, but no screenshots for visual help. Nonexistent in-game tutorials. HTML installed with the game instead, if you know to look for it.

None. Missing in action. Poor placeholders substituted for missions.

Fairly good job here. Clean and sharp, though sometimes lacking in flavor.

Overall OK...nice accompanying music selections. Sound effects are somewhat decent, but voices need work.

Unnecessarily complex, with a high learning curve. Interface needs some ergonomics work.

It'll be different each time you play. The question is, will you notice? Multi-player currently unreleased. Expansion packs to be made available later for additional play types, but they will probably cost extra.

Final score: 50/100