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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [04.26.02]
Supplied by:

Prices: Lazer LED: $19.95
Laser Etched Window: $39.95


Last week we reviewed a very sweet aluminum case that earned out highest regards not only in terms of performance, but for looks as well.  One look at the sweet simplistic design of the SkyHawk MSR-4611 case, and you can see tons of potential for a sweet modded case, worthy of Geoff The Goat's attention.

Long time readers of this site are surely aware of our great "Show Off Your RIG!" Case Gallery - hundreds of people have submitted their modded rigs, willing to put themselves under the scrutiny of Geoff The Goat himself, along with our very picky readers... HCW readers know what they like!

The results have ranged from some very cool innovated rigs with scores nearing the 9/10 mark, and some pretty ridiculous mods that make us wonder if the owner was on some sort of drugs when they came up with their ideas...

I even submit my own personal rig for scrutiny every time I do an upgrade... I am currently up to Rig #4, and before I installed the product I am about to review here, I could never manage a score higher than 5/10 with our readers, even though my PC specs are always on top of the world.

CrazyPC came to the rescue with a very sweet looking mod that has a unique, custom look, without requiring too much effort... Let's have a look at a couple of their products - A Laser-Etched Window, along with a Lazer LED light.

Unlike those cheap sticker appliques, this acrylic window is actually laser-etched, to provide a very cool effect when lit up with the proper lighting system.  That's why it is highly suggested that this "Lazer" LED light is used with the etched window - the window kit even comes with a mounting piece for the Lazer LED.  Also included is a window cutout, which is actually optional (you'll see why later).

The kit also comes with some nice shiny molding, Velcro tape, and reflective tape to enhance the lighting effect.

The instructions are short, but they are to the point, and quite easy to follow.  The pictures however are small, photocopied black and white images that are of pretty poor quality... Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly, and if you don't understand something completely, refer to the pictures and see if they can help... Overall the installation is quite easy, as you're about to see...

Note the way CrazyPC spells "Lazer".  These are NOT lasers - they are very bright LED's that have a nice spread pattern that easily lights up the interior of the case, and gives a great effect on the etched window, as you'll see later on.  The LED's draw a miniscule amount of power, and create almost no heat at all.  Estimated life span is in the 200,000 hour range (that's around 22 years).

The Lazer LED is connected with a 4 pin Molex adapter (no pass-through, so you'll need an open Molex plug), and is attached to the window with a small bracket and double sided tape.  Lazer LED's not only work well with this particular window kit, but are also a cost-effective way to light up your case for any application.  They are more durable than cold cathode tubes, and cost at least $10 less in most cases, and no inverter is required.  With a couple of these things, your case will be bright enough to light up an entire room!

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