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Reviewed by: Mike Goyette [10.22.01]
Manufactured by: Lian Li 
MSRP: $200


The Results

At the beginning of this review I was very skeptical that a smaller aluminum case would beat a modified, well-ventilated full tower case. While I am not a complete convert to aluminum camp, there are some very definite benefits.  Here are the average temperatures over 23.9 hours (Some of us have to sleep you know):

The PC-60 spanked the 760a on the system temperature, averaging 5c cooler over the 24-hour test time. Surprisingly those lower system temps didn't help to keep the CPU cooler. The average CPU temperature was 2c higher than that of the 760a.

Here are the high and low system temps during that day:

Taking a look at the highest and lowest temperatures shows the PC-60 with a large lead in system cooling. The 760a, even with all eight fans blowing, stumbled along letting the heat crank up to 32c, 5c higher than the PC-60.

Let's have a look at actual CPU temperatures:

Despite the fact that it had cooler system temperatures, the PC-60 permitted the CPU temperature to climb 5c higher than the 760a on the high end, and 2c on the low end. The 760a's 92mm fan, which blows over the heat sync and fan, really played an important roll in keeping its CPU cooler. A 80mm side intake fan would more than likely take care of the PC-60s CPU cooling issues.

The PC-60 is a roomy well-designed case with a ton of great features, not the least of which is the removable motherboard tray (have you guessed yet that I love it!). The PC-60 does boast very impressive system cooling, but falls a little short at CPU cooling. It is easy to forgive this when you consider that the 760a had eight system fans, making it MUCH, MUCH louder than the PC-60. With a street price of around $150 with no power supply the PC-60-USB, it is a bit expensive. Despite this, the features, great looks and system cooling certainly make this hardCORE hardware!

  • Excellent Heat Dissipation
  • Quiet!
  • Well-designed Motherboard Tray (it is so neat!!)
  • Light Weight
  • Removable 3.5" drive cages.
  • Nearly tool free assembly
  • Great ventilation
  • Fans included
  • Well detailed and thought out design
  • Cut free
  • Three position voltage control for intake fans

  • A bit expensive for a case without a power supply
  • Top two 5.25" bays are a bit cramped for ham-fisted folk
  • Filling the hard drive cage will block airflow
  • USB cabling is difficult to setup

Final Score: 90%