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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [03.13.2003]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: Thermalright
Est. Street Price: $50-55

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And Here's the Bad and Ugly...

Speaking of AMD sockets, let me break the news to you now.  If you have a AMD processor, you're in for a workout.  Before purchasing the SLK-900U, make SURE that it will fit with your motherboard.  Certain AMD motherboards have capacitors which surround the socket and limit space.  With some of them, you can GENTLY bend the capacitors to fit the SLK-900U in without damaging the mobo but, you didn't hear my say that.


Again, make SURE it fits by visiting Thermalright's website or e-mailing a Thermalright technician.  Thermalright has listed compatiblity with recent Asus, EPoX and Iwill motherboards.  The most prominient incompatiblity listed is with Asus' popular nForce2 mobo, the A7N8X, which will not be able to accomodate the SLK-900U without SEVERE bending.

You can check this link for current compatiblity listings.


Mounting with a P4 easy and secure as with many P4 coolers.  Providing that you are running a compatible motherboard, mounting the SLK-900U in a Socket A motherboard requires that you take the mobo out of your case and using screws and a backplate.  While this is quite a bit of work, the mounting system is more secure than the usual clips. 


The clips for holding the various fan sizes feel flimsy as they are little more than oddly shaped paperclips but they hold even the heaviest fans, such as the Vantec Tornado, well.  I shook the heatsink with the Tornado mounted and although it shifted a little, it didn't fall of.  Unless there was an earthquake, I don't see how the fan would fall off the heatsink in normal operation.


The heatsink itself looks great and very impressive but unless you're running it passively, which you would probably only want to do on a P4, if at all, you won't be able to see much of the heatsink behind the fan.


The base of the heatsink is covered by a protective film out of the box and is quite smooth although not to a mirror finish.

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