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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [03.13.2003]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: Thermalright
Est. Street Price: $50-55

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Chances Are, You Don't Drive a Ferrari

Remember that scene in that ridiculous Vin Diesel movie "The Fast and the Furious"?  You know...where the cop guy drives the Supra and Vin Diesel in a very action hero-like way tells him to "Smoke 'em." after the Ferrari owner states that his car is more than nerd boy can afford...pal.


Of course, unless you wanted the movie to end right there (and it didn't, unfortunately), the Supra smokes the Ferrari.  Now, right out of the box, it's unlikely that a Supra could beat a Ferrari but it also costs a fraction of the premium that makes sure that, chances are, you don't drive a Ferrari.  If you do, uh...I wasn't talking about you.


In the same way, there are heatsinks that cost a great deal of money that perform like they should and those that cost a fraction of the price but don't lag behind in performance by too much.  In fact, the twin turbo Supra, at 320hp, is only 60 hp behind the F355 Spyder.  The Thermalright SLK-800 has long been considered to be the Ferrari of CPU cooling (...well, except for water and phase change...) but as awesome as Ferraris can be, there is always room from improvement.


Enter the SLK-900U, the heatsink that would be king.  However, will it have a place in a world were a great heatsink fan combo can be bought for about $10?  Read on!

Would You Like Super-sized Fries Too?

Tipping the scale at approximately 570 grams, the SLK-900U is one of the biggest and heaviest on the market at the moment.  As with many other current heatsinks, the bulk of that...bulk consists of 34 very thin copper fins soldered to the base.  As with Thermaltake's Volcano 11, I was a little disappointed that Thermalright didn't use the skivving process as we have seen that there is a small but significant performance increase.  The quality and workmanship of the heatsink are amongst the best I've seen. 


Because of its size, the SLK-900U is able to accomodate large 92mm fans as well as the usual 80mm and 70mm standards.  Included with the package are mounting brackets for all three as well as a tube of thermal compound and mounting hardware for AMD and Intel sockets.


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