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Reviewed by: Trevor Flynn [03.12.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: Soltek
Est. Street Price: $99

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There are four main things that in my opinion make the SL-75FRN-L a very good motherboard;  one which I have no problems recommending:

Price: This board is one of the cheapest nForce2's on the market

Performance: The FRN-L was able to match or beat out the Asus offering in the majority of the benchmarks

Aesthetics: The gold PCB with "somewhat" matching colored slots makes for an very attractive overall look.  If have window in your case and enjoy showing your computer's innards, then this board is a nice alternative to the bland or multicolored PCB.

Overclockability: The 1.3L BIOS offers tweaking options galore.  I was able to easily overclock my AIUGA 1700+ to a 166mhz FSB (from 133) with only a small .1V bump in voltage, running stable as a rock.

To say that I am please with this board would be an understatement.  Soltek has once again come through with a buget priced board that boasts high end features and performance. 

There are a few small issues with the boards layout, especially the lack of fan headers and mounting holes, but most of these are cosmetic.  Are these issues enough to prevent the FRN-L from being classed as great motherboard?


  • Gold and Shiny.....
  • Tweakers BIOS
  • ABS and Red Storm Overclocking
  • High End Performance
  • Low End Price

  • Lack of onboard fan headers
  • No CPU socket mounting holes
  • Bring back the thermal probe!
  • 6ch sound adapter not included
  • Small layout issues

Final Score: 90%