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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.26.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: Coolermaster
Est. Street Price: $10-15

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Testing Results

At full speed, the X-Dream matches the Aeroflow exactly... so why is that a bad thing?

At that speed, the X-Dream is a hell of a lot louder than the Aeroflow is at its regular speed.  Hell, even at its lowest speed, it is considerably louder than the Aeroflow is.  By the same margin, it is quieter than Globalwin's CAK4-86 at full speed.  It's noise level is comparable to the Volcano 9.  We'll have a full report of Socket A heatsinks including noise level measurements in the future - watch for that soon!

So what the hell?  If it needs to be so much louder than the Aeroflow to reach the same level of
performance, then why does it still get a Editor's Choice?

Two words: bling...bling.  Coolermaster's knockout punch is that the X-Dream costs less than HALF,
almost just a THIRD of what the Vantec Aeroflow and Globalwin CAK4-86 cost.  I found it for $12
at a large online store, $10 at a slightly smaller store while the Aeroflow went for just over $30
at the same place.

It is even cheaper than Thermaltake's Volcano 9 and it beats the hell out of it like a neglected stepchild.  Nowhere else will you find such a fully featured combo with the same level of performance as the X-Dream for this price.  It isn't as quiet as the Aeroflow, it may not perform quite as well as the CAK4-86, or have a clip that actually works the first time around but its value is incomparable so I would like nothing better than to give it our "I AM HARDCORE" award.

I just know that the XDream is going to become THE cooler everyone is going to get when building a new system.

Want one?  Join hardCOREware's D2OL team and get in on a chance to win a X-Dream along with loads of other prizes including watercooling kits, lighting fixtures, window appliques and more! Click here for more info!

  • Great performance
  • Fan speed is adjustable
  • Very, VERY CHEAP

  • Poor clip design
  • Not quiet but not as loud as some (thanks to the speed adjustable fan)

Final Score: 93%