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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.26.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson

Manufactured by: Coolermaster
Est. Street Price: $10-15

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What's New This Time Around?

As one of the premier development houses in all things cooling, Coolermaster had the unenvyable task of following right behind the outstanding Vantec Aeroflow on my "To Do" list.  With the X-Dream HAC-V81, the industry heavyweight brings their own bag of tricks to throw up against the current champion and they look great doing it, unlike Mike Tyson's tattoo.


Comparable to the size of Globalwin's CAK4-86, the X-Dream's 80mm fan sits atop an aluminum heatsink with a copper slug in the center and weighs in at 464g, just a bit more than half of what the aforementioned Globalwin cooler tips the scales at.  The copper isn't the shiniest thing in the world but it does appear to be well machined.




So what kind of barbed wire or rolls of quarters does Coolermaster equip their gloves with?  For one thing, the fan grille is one of the more unique designs I've seen and according to Coolermaster, is actually engineered to be aerodynamic and reduce noise.  Personally, it just looks like an X to me and I can't figure out why this particular grille design is more efficient than all the other ones on the market but then again, I'm no rocket scientist so I'll just take their word for it.


The other primary feature of this combo is the attached potentiometer, allowing the user to adjust fan speeds from 2500rpm to 4800rpm, with an airflow of 31.4CFM and 62.8CFM respectively, according to Coolermaster.  The knob is routed through the case and mounted to the back of the case via a PCI slot plate.

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