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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti, Carl Nelson [02.24.03]
Card Manufacturer: Powercolor
GPU Manufacturer: SiS
MSRP: $125

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Commanche 4

Another benchmark based on a relatively new game engine.  This mark will only run on cards whose T&L engine is up to snuff.  It's heavily CPU dependent, but there's a visible difference between how these cards run, especially in 1280x1024x32.

The Xabre takes a big drop when the resolution goes up, where the TI4200 can still maintain most of its speed.  The average triangles per second tell the same story: the Xabre just can't keep up with the detail in this benchmark, and just starts waving the white flag.


This is the bad cholesterol of benchmarks; if you absolutely positively must clog up your video card overnight, accept no substitutes.  It's the most GPU-wringing, video-card stressing benchmark we have, and always separates the men from the boys.

And this time, the Xabre600 is the boy (a skinny one at that!). One thing is becoming quite clear: While the Xabre600 technically supports new generation games, it is minimalistic at best.  No contest here: once again, the TI4200 runs away with a clear victory once again.

Unreal Tournament 2003 Demo

The UT2003 engine is brand new, and offers a HUGE amount of tools for the video card tester.  We use the HardOCP benchmarking utility v2.0 to generate flyby figures for all 3 of the flyby-supported maps, and present the Min, Max, and Avg results.  The default High Quality settings were used at 1280x1024x32 resolution, in Direct3D mode.

Everyone loves to see true REAL WORLD gaming benchmarks.  If you are going to look at a single  benchmark to compare cards with (until Doom 3 hits the shelves), make it this one:

In UT2K3, like every other test we've run so far, the TI4200 holds a lead by an incredible margin.

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