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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.22.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Microsoft and Logitech


Logitech MX700 - Installation

Maybe it's just me but I installed Windows XP almost 2 years ago, I haven't had any problems
installing anything.  As usual, the mouse posed no problems whatsoever.  Charge it up, install the software and press connect and you're done.


The charging base/RF transceiver has one of the best features of the MX700.  No more replacing batteries when they're low.  Simply place the mouse in its cradle for an hour or so and it's charged up.  Logitech includes two AA NiMhs rated at 1700 mAh which last roughly a day or two on a full charge.

There's a LED below the program switch button that blinks red when it needs to be charged and green during charging.  At full charge, you'll see a solid green.

Logitech MX700 - Performance

The Microsoft Bluetooth mouse had a solid showing but to me, the MX700's tracking and refresh are flawless.  I couldn't make it skip or "hiccup".


As you can see here, it refreshes at roughly 125Hz, which is the usual refresh for a corded mouse of the same spec so in theory, there should be absolutely no difference between the MX700 and a mouse with a tail. 

This mouse also tips the scale at $65-70 street which is quite a bit more than what most corded mice go for.  The MX700's tailed brother, the MX500 rings in at around $40 street.  However, Logitech does have good rebates on occassion and I did find a local deal where the MX700 was available for as little as $65CDN ($42US) after a Logitech rebate.

So should you throw your corded mice away in favor of their tailless siblings?  I made the switch
years ago and haven't gone back.  Cordless mice aren't for everyone though.  lowlight still swears
by wired mice and so do a few other people I know.  If you're a messy guy like me, then it's one less wire to tangle.

If you're ready to make the leap, however, these two mice are definetly worth a look.  Pricewise, they cost quite a bit more than corded mice and that is almost my only complaint about these two.  The "regular" Microsoft Optical Cordless mouse costs about $30 less than the Bluetooth version but if you consider that it adds the Bluetooth technology to your rig, it's worth it.

Performance-wise, I have to give the edge to the MX700.  After a few weeks of using both, I found the MX700 slightly smoother.  Not to say that the Bluetooth mouse isn't a great performer but it is a little behind. 

If you're in need of a mouse for UT2K3 and looking to add Bluetooth connectivity to your desktop, then Microsoft's Optical Explorer for Bluetooth is a great way to do it .  If you want absolutely kickass gaming performance and don't want any more cords on your desktop, look no further than the MX700, which receives our "I AM HARDCORE" award.

Final Scores:

Microsoft Optical Explorer for Bluetooth = 88%
Logitech MX700 = 94%

Editor's Note

Before this article was written, I had been using the MX700 and MX500 for 2 or 3 months.  I feel I should step in here and offer some of my own opinions.

Some people feel it and some don't, but I swear I can immediately notice a difference switching to the MX700 from the MX500.  Both have the same smooth response, but there seems to be a very subtle lag with the wireless MX700.  My performance profoundly suffers during BF1942 and Ghost Recon games because of this.

If you are as 'picky' about this sort of thing as I, then you should consider the MX500 instead.  It has all the features of the MX700, except the aforementioned lag.  It is also considerably lighter because it has no batteries.  Just use a Mouse Bungee, and the cord shouldn't be an issue!

As far as cordless mice go, however, it's perfectly clear that the MX700 is by far the best you can get.

Update I heard from Kyle at HardOCP that he also noticed some lag at first with the MX700.  He was able to solve this by moving his base away from his CRT monitor.  I recall that I always kept my base near my monitor, so this is definitely something to consider, and something I'll be sure to look into when I get the chance.

  • no wires!
  • great performance
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse - adds Bluetooth connectivity
  • Logitech MX700 - rechargable

  • more expensive than regular corded mice
  • some may find that cordless mice still lag behind corded mice
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse: Eats batteries like a fat chick eats Ho-Hos