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Reviewed by: Ed Lau [02.22.03]
Edited by: Carl Nelson
Manufactured by: Microsoft and Logitech


Quest for the Best

The last time hardCOREware looked at a wireless mouse, we didn't have too many nice things to say.  The fact of the matter is: wireless mice are not popular amongst gamers, particularly those requiring  the greatest in precision such as snipers in Battlefield 1942 or in Ghost Recon.  "Twitch" gamers will not notice much of a difference between the two but wireless mice have never been able to match the refresh rates of their tailed brethren.

Personally, I have been using wireless mice for over 3 years now and I have never had much of a problem, even as I took on the sniper's role.  It really depends on how picky you are over the subject.  I never, for example, hear the end of lowlight's bitching about his loathing of wireless mice or any other wireless game controller for that matter (It's not bitching, I just have more refined tastes! -ed).  To me, it's one less wire in the explosion that is my work area.

My only real complaint regarding wireless mice would probably have to be that they are a black hole
for AA batteries but my day job pretty much provides me with all the batteries I'll ever need.   


For these reasons, I have been very excited about these two mice.  Both are supposed to have
improved tracking and refresh rates and the MX700 from Logitech is...rechargable.  Microsoft's
offering is no slouch on features either as the first mouse to use the Bluetooth standard.


Before you read any further, let me just give you a word of warning.  However I feel about these
mice, you may feel differently if you tried them out yourself.  lowlight and I disagree on the issue
of wireless mice so it's a good bet that how much someone likes a mouse is nothing less than


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