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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [06.07.02]
Manufactured by: Altec Lansing
MSRP: $99.95 USD


A Closer Look

You can see the Aux input on the far left.  Beside that are the stereo RCA inputs.  A DIN port is used for the wired remote (I'll get to that in a sec), and you also have an overall bass control.  I wouldn't suggest moving this much beyond the halfway point.  After that, the bass begins to distort a bit.

RCA ports are also used for the speakers, and last is the DIN for the power cord.

The Satellites can adjust beyond a 90 degree angle, allowing you to wall mount them.  No mounting equipment is included, but I'm sure you could work something out... One problem I had with the satellites was placement... They seem too small to sit on the ground beside the TV, and putting them on top of the TV looked somewhat gawdy.  If I used these full time, I think I would buy some narrow speaker stands, but then I'd have to figure out how to mount them again...

Again, pure consolers will be able to figure this out... In terms of construction though, these look more like PC speakers than anything.

Just like the PS2, the XA3021 woofer can be placed in a horizontal or vertical position.  Note that the enclosure is actually ported. 

Included are a 3 page manual, which covers the basics (speaker placement, volume settings, etc), and a folding 2 sided "Quick Connect Card".  This gives instructions on how to connect your speakers in various scenarios.  Interesting that they did not include a PC scenario, but an AUX input example is given, which would be the same thing.

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