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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [06.11.02]
Manufacturer: Imation
MSRP: $250


The Software

As mentioned, there are 3 pieces of software that come with this device, though one is useless to anyone running XP, and is a free download for anyone else...namely Windows Media Player 7.1. Though it's somewhat redundant to include it, it's also appropriate, since this device supports WMA. I'm unable to include screenshots of it, because all non-Linux PCs in my lab have been upgraded to Windows XP.

Nero Burning ROM is an excellent total CD burning package which includes support for labels, ISO images, and MP3 to Audio track direct-burning. That being said, this version is crippled in such a way that it will only work with the RipGo, which means many of the features are a bit useless, such as image recording and MP3 to audio CD burning. So it's only serious use would be to burn MP3 and WMA files, which, honestly could be done with packet-writing software instead of needing a full-blown CD recording package. It's nice that they included one, but users who already have a CD burner in their desktop shouldn't expect to be able to use this version of Nero with their burner.

We also tested this devices compatibility with Roxio EasyCD Creator 5. It only works when the latest patch is applied, and it doesn't seem to properly pick up the size of the mini- and card-CDs that I used, but burning and playing functioned for both audio and files.

The other software included here is Media Jukebox. This looks like a fairly well designed program along the lines of MusicMatch or RealOne player, with support for just about every music format out there, including Ogg-Vorbis. It also offers burning to music tracks, organizing by playlist, and a variety of ripping options, in addition to burning a collection of music files as files. But there's one problem with MediaJukebox


I hate it when manufacturers do're already paying a high price premium for this device, but other than the crippled burning software, you get a demo, and freeware. Not good at all...MusicMatch or RealOne would have been a good addition to this, for those of us who are anti-MediaPlayer. Especially at the price that this device lists at, there should be a full version of MediaJukebox, at the very least. While the demo does a good job at ripping, there are several disabled functions in it, including burning audio tracks, should you eventually decide to burn part of your collection to a regular CD in ordinary audio format. By the way, that CD burning function seems to be crippled to 2x as well.


Ok, I know this part is a bit silly, but it IS a CD reader and writer, so we should get an idea of it's speed. Here is some data gleaned from the drive's firmware using DriveCheck:

Drive information

Host adapter : 3
Device ID : 0
Vendor : IMATION
Product : RIPGO!
Firmware version : 1.11

Buffer size : 512 KB
Maximum read speed : 1765 KB/sec (10 X)
Read CD-R : yes
Read CD-RW : yes
Read CDDA : yes
CDDA accurate : yes
Read R-W : no
R-W packed : no
C2 pointers : no
Speed settings : 4 X

Read RAW mode : yes

This is an 10x reader according to this, which doesn't make much sense insofar as USB is concerned. 1765 kbps is simply too fast for USB v1 to handle, since USB1 peaks at 1200 kbps, or an 8x read speed in CD-speak. 4x writing should be 600 kBps. The 512k buffer should be helpful, but is far short of the 2 MB buffer used by speedier CD recorder drives. Of course, the main reason why those speedy drives NEED such a large buffer is BECAUSE they are so speedy.

Test systems:
Athlon 1.2 GHz 133 FSB
Windows XP Professional

Dell Inspiron 4100
Pentium 3M 1 GHz 133 FSB
Windows XP Home

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