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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzuti [02.20.03]
Manufactured by: LIUtilities
Price: $29.95 for 1 user license


Once the files have been selected, and the media to save the backup to has been selected, it's just a matter of telling it to go.  But if you're using optical media that might not be able to contain the entire backup job, the software can automatically span between media.


WinBackup offers built-in scheduling as well

Restoring is fairly easy, just like backing up in the first place.  Or they can be opened directly from the backup file, which makes WinBackup useful for simply storing encrypted data on optical media.  Files can be selected individually for restoration, or the entire job can be restored.  This is good for sensitive data, such as accounting data or other things that must be kept secure.  Restore settings are very simple, as shown below.


If you don't want any files you might have updated since your backup to be replaced, then make sure you replace older files only.  Or you can just replace everything, if you prefer.  Or, if you only want to restore files that have gone, missing, you can choose not to replace files at all.

One thing that WinBackup does NOT offer is the ability to create disaster-recovery backups, where a snapshot image of the hard drive is taken and stored, in order to restore a non-bootable system (similar to Norton Ghost).  This is an incredibly desirable feature, but is normally offered only in much more expensive packages.

Well, this is fairly vanilla backup software, but then again, most backup software is pretty vanilla.  WinBackup doesn't have the capability of creating a disaster recovery backup, but it does allow easy access to backing up the Windows Address Book, Outlook files, and other hard to locate items. It also allows the operator to encrypt the backup job, adding a nice layer of security, in case backups of sensitive files fall into the wrong hands.  All told, this is a solid package, though not spectacular.

  • Encryption
  • Easy to back up special files

  • No disaster recovery
  • Doesn't add anything that you can't do on your own with minimal effort
  • Doesn't do anything you can't find for free through shareware

Final Score: 65%