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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.27.02]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake
MSRP: $195

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Life is suddenly easier...

Ease of installation is key to a good case, and the Xaser II doesn't disappoint.  On the Xaser II, there is no longer a need to remove both sides of the case to install 3.5" peripherals! Just snap out the bay, pop your drives in, and put it back in!

3.5" periphs are easy to install using the pop-out drive bays.  Well 5.25" drives are even easier to install! Just use these nifty rail snaps!

I have seen these before, in fact I have a case that uses plastic rails.  Unfortunately, many of the rails are gone, so I can only install a single 5.25" drive.  If only someone would think of a way to prevent me from losing them again! Where should I put the rails that aren't in use?

Voila! This is another standard design of the Antec case, I believe.  My previous experience with drive rails has left a sour taste in my mouth, but the Xaser II doesn't have any of the problems I had before... First of all, you can't lose these things... Secondly...

The rails SCREW directly onto the drives, rather than SNAP on (and off and on, until it breaks).  This allows any 5.25" device to be used, something plastic rails could not do...

The solid rails make for a nice clean installation.  Drives are now easy to install and uninstall (just be sure to unplug the wires from the back!).

Now let's see if we can get that temperature to hold under some extreme computing!

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