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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [07.27.02]
Manufactured by: Thermaltake
MSRP: $195

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Massive CFM!

Oh yeah, I guess I better talk about all the case fans on this thing! Thermaltake included five 80mm low noise case fans on the Xaser II.  I guess the thought is that if you have so many fans blowing through the case, there's no need for an insane amount of noise.  I definitely agree with that train of thought.  Thanks to the ~2000 RPM case fans, the case hardly makes a peep compared to other pre-modded cases.  You also have to love the fit and finish shown on the fan installation...

Thermtaltake used a speaker-grille type cover for the window fan.  This is one of the cleaner window fans I've seen; very nice!

Also take note that all the fan grilles are suited for max air flow.  Even the ones up front; as you can see, there is plenty of room for the fans to breathe.  What is the sense of having a fan try to pull air through pinholes?

The coloured fans are a great departure from plain old black fans, and they clearly state that this is a Thermaltake product.  Very stylish! I dunno about the lavender clips though; I think that is standard on all Antec cases...

In addition to the four 5.25" external drive bays (in addition to the one used by the HardCANO), you get two 3.5" external bays, and four more internal 3.5" bays.  The hard drive bay has a fan mounted in it for cooling down those nasty Deskstar drives!

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