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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [05.07.00]
Manufactured by: Diamond/S3
MSRP: $179

Supplied by ICI Computer


More Bad Stuff?

Yes, there were a couple other things...

- There were some 2d redrawing problems while in the Win98 GUI.  This happened with both the beta drivers, and the latest final release.  Not a big problem here, but somewhat annoying having your mouse cursor show up in different places on the screen for a split second at any given time...

- More Mouse Lag in the Properties Dialogue Boxes.  When you go to change your 3d settings, you are treated to a nice little 125x125 streaming 3d show, with such things as the Diamond logo in 3d, and a pipeline animation... The problem is, the same mouse lag that appeared in Direct 3D games showed up here, which made it a pain in the ass to change settings.  Again, Diamond said that there is no fix for this, and it in fact shouldn't be happening.  The fact is, it DOES happen for me, and if I bought this card, I wouldn't be too happy about it.

- Artifacts in Everquest... If you look to the back where the FOV clips, you'll see some ugly artifacts... Is this Verant's fault? Dunno, but I don't like it... Again, Diamond didn't know about this... Am I the only person in the world who bothered to contact them about these things? Or is my card broken? (no it's not broken, that was hypothetical).

Okay, enough of the bad stuff...

There were certainly some things going for this card; first of all, the driver pack was great! Installation was an absolute breeze, and the drivers are a nice clean install.  Uninstalling them doesn't leave DLL files scattered all over your hard drive.  There were quite a few tweaks available in the properties; have a look (these are the latest beta drivers shown here):

Shown above are two screenshots of the Diamond's great driver set, which they call "InControl".  Even a GeForce user could appreciate all the options available here; even the ability to turn the (non-existing) TnL engine.

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