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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.12.01]
Manufactured by: Leadtek
MSRP: $350


The Drivers

Leadtek is introducing some cool tools with the drivers they called "WinFox".  Let's check em out:

This is the (very simple) overclocking util, they call "Speed Runner".  It goes up to 350 Core and 500 Memory.  They sure are putting a lot of weight on that 5.5 ns ram huh?

The overclocking util works quite well with this Hardware Monitor System! It monitors everything you could hope for, making great use of the integrated temperature probe.  Also included is an alarm system.

And here's the "Winfast Information" dialog.  Here we see all the info we need on our video system; D3D version, drivers version, BIOS version, AGP status, well you can see the rest ;).  The rest of the driver set is nothing you haven't seen before; Gamma Correction, refresh settings, etc.

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