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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [02.12.01]
Manufactured by: Leadtek
MSRP: $350


Quake 3

For benchmarking purposes, we used Q3Bench by, which is a Godsend to testers like us.  We put the 64mb Leadtek Enhanced up against the good old standby GeForce GTS 32mb Elsa Gladiac.  We used Normal config and MAX config.

Oddly enough, the Leadtek is lagging way behind the 32 mb Gladiac! Keep in note that we are using ALL default numbers here; neither card is overclocked, and both are using the latest official drivers available.  We actually tested the Leadtek with the same reference drivers as the Gladiac, but it was even slower! Let's look at 32 bit:

Again, the Gladiac is faster! This is using Timedemo 1, which is one of the less memory-intensive levels.  If we were to look at the MAX settings on a bigger level, you would see the Gladiac fall way behind.  Still, I don't see any good excuse for the Leadtek to be so much slower, especially considering that it is 'enhanced'.  Now for 3dMark:

Okay, the Leadtek pulls away a little bit.  Is there any real use for the 64mb of ram in games today? I don't think so.  Again, when we used the reference 6.50 Nvidia drivers, the 3dmarks were considerably slower.

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