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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [10.16.01]
Manufactured by: ATI


Evolva and DOT3 Bumpmapping

Artworks UK, creators of last year's Evolva, did benchmark junkies a great service by offering a benchmark util that shows a real-world performance result, and allows us to directly see the hit taken when DOT3 Bumpmapping is enabled (on video cards that support it).  Get the standalone benchmark demo here.

Once again, the 7500 walks away with another win.  Of particular interest is the fact that it takes a much smaller performance hit when DOT3 is enabled.  3DMark 2001 also demonstrated this.  After all, what good is a feature if it slows your game down to unplayable speeds?

OpenGL Tests - Serious Sam

Serious Sam by Croteam features just about every single 3d buzzword supported by OpenGL.  If a video card has a cool feature, chances are it is utilized in Serious Sam.  For instance, it's one of the few games today that make use of the Radeon's ability to perform 3 textures per pass...

To run a Serious Sam benchmark:

-Start the demo and go into console ("~" as usual, thanks Quake)
-Type /dem_bprofile=1
-Go to the "demos" menu and run a demo.  We used the MPDemo02 because it shows a ton of characters on a single screen

Once again the GF2 catches up, and wins another benchmark.  This time the difference is slim though.  The Radeon 7500 sure is holding its own against the GF2! Too bad the original Radeon wasn't doing this...

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