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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzutti [11.12.01]
Manufactured by: Hercules
MSRP: $119.99



This test was run with atdemo8, and run in high detail, with trilinear filtering on. OpenGL Extensions were also activated.

Here we see the same story as shown in the synthetic benchmarks; at low resolution, 16 bit color, the GF2MX can crank out more frames than the Kyro. But as resolution and color depth go up, the MX runs out of memory bandwidth, while the Kyro's more bandwidth-efficient architecture allows it to take the lead.  Again we see little to no difference between 16 bit and 32 bit color performance on the Kyro, but a HUGE dip on the GF2MX.

Unreal Tournament

This test was performed with the Thunder demo. The nice thing about UT is there are many instances where rendered objects would be blocked by walls or other things, so it should work well with the Kyro. This is good because there will be a lot of games using this Real-World engine.  The test was run in high detail, with bilinear filtering.

The Kyro takes the crown on this one...there's no substitute for not having to render what you can't see. The Thunder demo has a lot of polygons that tend to be hidden from view, such as wall sections, and parts of explosions.  80+ FPS in 1024x768x32 on a budget video card is nothing short of amazing.

Serious Sam

This test was run using DemoMP2 at High quality settings.

Interesting results here. For the most part, the Kyro wins again. I wasn't expecting that, since there really aren't that many hidden surfaces in MP2.

After looking at some Real-World benchmarks, you can come to the conclusion that with the Prophet 4500, you may be getting a budget video card, but you will NOT be playing your games in "Budget Mode" with 16 bit rendering and low-resolutions.

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