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Reviewed by: Bryan Pizzutti [11.12.01]
Manufactured by: Hercules
MSRP: $119.99


The Drivers

The drivers for the Hercules Prophet 4500 are very similar to the reference drivers for the Kyro2, just with the Hercules artwork added in. They are powerful, yet simple, and let you modify a lot of aspects of this cards performance through only two dialogs:

The dialog below will allow you to control the size of the video display through software, similar to the controls on a monitor, and also control gamma correction. Overclocking is also built in to these drivers, and no registry tricks or additional software are needed to access this. However, tests have shown that the Kyro2 processor can't always handle much overclocking.

This 3D Optimization tab allows the user to adjust settings related to OpenGL and DirectX, and save them in individual profiles, so a specific set of options can be called up instantly.

Drivers are available for all Windows operating systems, including XP. Since there seems to be little deviation, I will be running these tests under Windows2000 only, since I believe in only using mature platforms. Please note that, while they are in development, there are NO Linux drivers available for any Kyro2-based video card at this time. No projected release date has been announced.

Bench System:

Motherboard: ECS K7S5A
Processor: AMD Athlon-C 1.2 Ghz
Memory: 256 MB SDR
Sound: TurtleBeach SantaCruz
Hard Drive: Western Digital 15 GB ATA-66
Optical: Toshiba 12x DVD-ROM
OS: Windows 2000

Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 64 MB (Driver version 8.162a)
Asus V7100T [email protected] MHz (Detonator version 21.83)

Testing Methodolgy

In this review, I will be benchmarking the Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 with an ASUS V7100, which is based on the GeForce2MX.

Testing will be using 3DMark 2000, 3DMark2001, and VillageMark for synthetic benchmarks, the WolfensteinMP Test Demo (ATDemo8), Serious Sam, and Unreal Tournament (Also to test FSAA performance).  For links to all the benchmarking apps we use on this site, please see the Downloads Page.

I used my nice big 20 inch Apple Trinitron monitor in order to look for graphic glitches and such, as well as quality differences between 16 and 32 bit color settings, and FSAA quality.

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