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Reviewed by: Carl Nelson [03.29.00]
Manufactured by: Abit


And the verdict is:

Looking at the memory latency issues, the overclocking performance, and the board layout (only 5 PCI slots), I'm sorry to say that I just can't recommend this board for everyone.  If you're building a value PC for someone (like I was), it's *not bad*.  I mean, I was building this for an 18 year old female university student; does she really care that the memory is slower, or that she'll only be able to fit 4 more upgrade cards in the future, or even the fact that she can't add audio codecs in the future? HELL NO!

On a side note, the Celeron 500 that I was using for her PC would only overclock stable to a 75 MHz bus.  I didn't bother testing it on my Tyan board, since I think it is more of a heat issue (I was having Page Faults and BSOD's at 83 MHz).

  • AGP performance was above average for an Apollo Pro 133 MoBo
  • Ultra cheap - $70 or so on BottomDollar
  • Good IDE and Power Supply slot placement

  • Only one IDE cable, and it's ATA/66
  • God-Awful overclocking capabilities
  • The same memory problems you see on all Pro 133 boards
  • Only 5 PCI slots

Final Score: 69%