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Reviewed By: Raindog [2.13.01]
Manufactured by: A-Max HK
Suggested Price: $199

In Conclusion

The 309 is a great MP3/CD/VCD player... but portable it ain't. While it works great when it's plugged into the wall, and has lots of cool functionality when you plug it into a TV, its horrid battery life and anti-shock really take any portable usefulness away from the product. This is a great product if you don't plan on using the battery, or plan on doing anything remotely rough with it... but that's usually what I want to do with a portable unit. If you've looking for an MP3 jukebox that can do some cool on-screen play list display and also plays VCDs, then look no farther. However, if you're looking or a portable MP3 player, look elsewhere.

Stuff That Kicks Ass:

  • Cheap and plentiful storage

  • VCD/Video capability

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Stuff That Sucks:

  • Awful battery performance

  • Anti-shock essentially useless for all but the occasional jolt

Ideal Buyer: Someone who is looking for an MP3 jukebox with some video functionality, but never wants to use it when it's not plugged into the wall.


Overall Score: 40% As a portable MP3 Player
80% As Tethered Multimedia Player

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