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$1000 Upgrade Guide - February 2001
Written By: Steve 'Occasus' West [02.05.01]

What About February?

Okay, okay. This month's box is very similar to the January machine. Well, what did you expect, a drastic overhaul? It is even similar the $1,000 Complete Machine on pages one and two: quality components are relatively inexpensive.

February's $1,000 Box

Case Antec SX830 $74
Memory 256MB Corsair CAS2 PC133 $133
Video VisionTek GeForce2 32MB $165
Hard Drive 20GB IBM Deskstar 75GXP $115
Sound Philips Acoustic Edge $76
CD-ROM Asus 50x $39
Cooling Hedgehog 238-M $45

Processor AMD Athlon 1GHz $174 Intel Pentium III 933 $245
Motherboard Abit KT7-RAID $159 Asus CUV4X $98

    $980   $990

    The New Stuff
  • Corsair RAM
    Similar performance, much better price.
  • VisionTek GeForce2
    Less expensive this month.
  • IBM hard drive
    Better performance, dropping prices.
  • Philips sound card
    All the bells and whistles, for less money.
  • 1GHz Athlon
    Because you can.
  • 900MHz P3
    So very close.
  • KT7A-RAID motherboard
    For those nice FSB numbers.

The End?

All these machines are easily upgradeable, whether to the next video card or to a faster processor. The basics are all here, but there is still room for you to customize and personalize your machine.

Now what do I do? Well, you could always:

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