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$1000 Upgrade Guide - February 2001
Written By: Steve 'Occasus' West [02.05.01]

Got Peripherals?

Now we take a look at a box for gamers who already have their peripherals, but really need - or just want - to upgrade their entire box. Since we're not buying a monitor, keyboard, mouse, or speakers, our budget is positively impacted. Again, we're going to upgrade last month's machine before revealing this month's box.

January's $1,000 Box

Case Antec SX830 $71
Memory 256MB Mushkin CAS2 PC133 Rev2 $199
Video Elsa GeForce2 32MB $161
Hard Drive 20GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40 $115
Sound Turtle Beach Santa Cruz $84
CD-ROM Asus 50x $35
Cooling Hedgehog 238-M $49

Processor AMD Athlon 900 $139 Intel Pentium III 800 $187
Motherboard Abit KT7-RAID $140 Asus CUV4X $98

    $987   $993

We have two budget lines for this system. The first is the same $100 limited budget we used earlier. The second is a $200 budget for gamers with a bit more cash available per month.

The $100 upgrade is pretty simple. The only affordable upgrades are to the cooling, hard drive, and sound card; a DVD drive is also available at this price range. The only performance-affecting upgrade available at this time is the hard drive. Adding another Maxtor ATA100 hard drive and creating a RAID 0 array will yield a measurable performance boost, not to mention bragging rights.

The $200 upgrade isn't quite as clear cut.

    The Short List
  • Another 256MB Mushkin PC133 Rev2 stick - $199
    Maxes out RAM for Win9x/ME.
  • Another Maxtor hard drive - $108
    Two-drive RAID 0.
  • Athlon 1.1GHz - $221
    Over budget, and not worth the price to upgrade from a 1GHz part.
  • Pentium III 866 - $205
    Over budget, and not worth the price.
Okay, maybe it is clear cut: once again, memory edges out storage.

The End? Hardly... Read on For More

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