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$1000 Upgrade Guide - February 2001
Written By: Steve 'Occasus' West [02.05.01]

You've seen last month's system and its recommended upgrade. Now it's time for February's All New System!!!

February's $1,000 Complete System

Case Antec SX830 $74
Memory 128MB Zeus PC133 $39
Video Asus GeForce2 MX 32MB $101
Hard Drive 20GB IBM Deskstar 75GXP $115
Sound Guillemot Maxi Sound Muse $32
Speakers Altec Lansing ACS-56 $94
CD-ROM Asus 50x $39
Monitor 17" Optiquest Q71 $167
Keyboard/Mouse Logitech Cordless Freedom $55
Cooling Hedgehog 238-M $45

Processor AMD Athlon 750 $84 Intel Celeron 766 $115
Motherboard Abit KT7-RAID $140 Asus CUV4X $98

    $985   $974

There are only a few differences between last month's system and this month's. The first is the hard drive. Other components have come down far enough in price to let us go with the smokin' IBM Deskstar 75GXP. A major departure is in the sound card. This month we're moving to the Guillemot Maxi Sound Muse for our entry-level card. Why? Because it's inexpensive, sounds good, and is not made by Creative.

Both AMD and Intel processor prices have dropped somewhat in the last month. AMD prices have dropped just enough for us to shoehorn the imminently overclockable Athlon 750 into this month's system. Not to worry, Intel buffs; although Pentium III prices remain stratospheric - for the buyer on a budget, anyway - the Celeron 766 makes its way into our system.

All the other components remain the same from the January system. What will the March system bring? We'll know in a month.

What if I already have peripherals?

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