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$1000 Upgrade Guide - February 2001
Written By: Steve 'Occasus' West [02.05.01]

Is It February Already?

I can't believe it either. January's system was a pretty good deal: $1000 got you a Duron 800 or a Celeron 733. Not too shabby. Here's the breakdown:

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January's $1,000 Complete System

Case Antec SX830 $71
Memory 128MB Zeus PC133 $50
Video Asus GeForce2 MX 32MB $108
Hard Drive 20GB Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 40 $109
Sound Sound Blaster Live! Value $40
Speakers Altec Lansing ACS-56 $89
CD-ROM Asus 50x $35
Monitor 17" Optiquest Q71 $178
Keyboard/Mouse Logitech Cordless Freedom $55
Cooling Hedgehog 238-M $49

Processor AMD Duron 800 $76 Intel Celeron 733 $114
Motherboard Abit KT7-RAID $140 Asus CUV4X $98

    $1,000   $996

We will be upgrading this machine throughout the ages!!!, or at least through the end of the year. People building $1,000 machines are typically on a budget; therefore, our upgrade budget is approximately $100 per month.

Take a look at the potential upgrades: only a few items could be upgraded for about $100. This system is only a month old.

    The Short List
  • Two more 128MB sticks of PC133 memory - $78
    RAM is always good, and more RAM is always better.
  • Another 20GB hard drive - $108
    More storage, and some RAID 0 action with its modest performance gain.
  • Duron 850 - $97
    So much money for so little gain.
  • Celeron 766 - $115
    Over budget, and not worth the expense even if it were within budget.
It's a toss-up between the RAM and the hard drive, but the RAM pulls out ahead! Windows can handle 384MB of RAM, and you'll appreciate the additional RAM in memory-heavy gaming. However, next month we might see some RAID action.

Enough about January, what about February?

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