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Reviewed By: Carl Nelson [02.06.02]
Manufactured by: Shuttle
Price: TBA (Est. $100)

3DMark 2000

3DMark 2000 is a DirectX 7 based synthetic benchmark.  Pretty much every video card on the market will support the features tested in here, and by now, advanced graphics cards are no longer going to be the bottleneck.

3DMark 2000 should be a good test to indicate gaming performance in most DirectX games available today.  We are just starting to see games using advanced DX8.1 functions, however (most of which suck), and as more people own cards such as the Radeon 8500 and GeForce 3, we are going to see more very soon.  Until then, 3DMark 2000 lives on.

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The older P4X266-based AV40/R is beginning to show signs of age with the first graphical benchmark.  Once again the AV45GT/R and Intel board perform very closely... This might widen with a newer test...

3DMark 2001

3DMark 2001 is a DirectX 8 based benchmark, and makes use of such advanced features as vertex shaders, pixel shaders, point sprites, and various forms of bump mapping.  If you don't have a GF3 or Radeon 8500, stay home kids.

This looks almost exactly like the 3DMark 2000 results, with lower numbers... Let's finish off the last artificial 3D benchmark before we draw a conclusion...


Similar to 3DMark, GLMark is a demo-based video benchmarking system.  Unlike 3DMark, it uses OpenGL rather than DirectX.  It supports some advanced OpenGL functions, and some GeForce 3 specific functions.  Unlike 3DMark, GLMark gives a final score based on framerate and has no theoretical tests.

It's nice to see a trend that doesn't vary too much between tests! As before, the AV45GT/R pulls a bit further ahead, and the AV40/R is lagging.  It will be interesting to see how the Shuttle board compares to another board besides Intel using the 845 DDR chipset!

SPECviewPerf 6.1.2

SPEC is a suite of OpenGL workstation tests... Now while the ATI Radeon 8500 All In Wonder is an excellent gaming card, it is awful as a workstation card! Any consumer card will be, of course, so we chose the three most CPU-intensive tests.  This should show a nice array of results to compare, rather than a bunch that are within 1/10th of each other :)

This time the older Shuttle board pulls ahead of the Intel board, but of course the AV45GT/R is out on top.

Let's see if this trend continues with some real world game benchmarks!

Page 6: Real World Gaming

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