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Reviewed By: Monty "FRAGaLOT" Gonzales [09.26.01]
Category: Action FPS
Developer: Gray Matter Interactive
Publisher: Activision
ETA: 11.13.01
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Some Tips

The Lieutenant has some real devastating power because of the air strikes, and artillery strikes he can call for.  One of the best uses for this (besides killing) is to give cover to your team.  If the Allied team is getting held back from to much fire from the MG42s, have the LT order a volley of artillery strikes near the gun placements.  While the strike may not kill anyone, the explosions and smoke will distract them letting your Allies team to get closer to the base so the others can get in closer to kill the players using the MG42s and let the Engineers do their job.

The MG42 gun placements are limited on how far the can swing left to right, so you can’t cover the entire base with one gun.  If you anticipate the enemy to breach your base, be sure you’re stationed at the appropriate MG42 so you can cover that area.

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If playing the Allied team, it’s a good idea to first breach the sea wall door (left of the base) near the “pill box” that has a pair of MG42s.  The reason is in that room is flag poll you can capture.  Once the Allied team has captured that room, your team will now spawn in that room after they come back from being killed.  Be warned the Axis team can take over that room again by touching the flag poll, and their team will spawn there. At the start of the game, the flag pole has no flag, but the Axis team will get there PDQ. Also keep in mind that this capture point isn’t one of the necessary goals of the game.

Speaking of spawning, you have a choice on where to spawn at.  In the screen where you can select your class (after limbo), you have the selection of how near you want to spawn.  This mostly depends on what mission/map the server is playing.  But since there’s only one map too this game, there’s only two places you’ll spawn, depending on the team you’re on the map being played, and which points have been captured.

Be sure to bind a key to your “sprint” button, so you can make quick runs and take cover.  This is good to dodge fire from those MG42 guns.  Keep in mind theirs is also “walk” speed, “run” speed, and Sprint.  Most players default the game to “always run” so you will not walk in the game, but you will move faster in sprint mode, for a limited time indicated by the “sprint bar” located at the left of your screen.

Stuff That Bugged Me

Respawn times are too long.  However this depends on how you were killed.  If you kill yourself there’s a LONG respawn time, if you were killed from friendly fire, it should be shorter.  There’s a “limbo” screen that you enter the moment you’re shot down that last a few moments, so the medics can revive you.  If you get "gibed" you won't go into the limbo screen.  However if you know there are no medics on your team hit the space bar.  If you wait too long to get out of limbo mode, then you’ll wait even longer to respawn.  I don't know if the time for limbo/respawn can be changed by the admin, but I would assume so.

One you get the war documents, all you have to do is enter the radio room, and the game is over.  You can even be killed as you run into the room, and STILL win. That's too simple. I think you should be made to approach one of the radios, and press your “use” key down so that you actually use the radio, and transmit the information.  Just seems more realistic to me this way.

A lot of the options aren’t noticeable.  Like choosing a spawn point, seeing all the weapons available,  etc.  It would be nice if the game didn’t have a “next page” buttons, and other "tabs" to deal with all the time, since it would just be simpler to have all your options on once screen.

Final Score: None! This is a preview! Not even a demo!

If you just can't get enough of WolfMPTest's WWII style gameplay, you might want to try Day of Defeat! It uses many of the same features as Wolf, but of course the graphics aren't nearly as nice... Still, it should tide you over until Wolf comes out (heck, you might even like it better! I do! -Ed)

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