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Reviewed By: Monty "FRAGaLOT" Gonzales [09.26.01]
Category: Action FPS
Developer: Gray Matter Interactive
Publisher: Activision
ETA: 11.13.01
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Original Concept?

At your lower right hand, you have a power meter.  This "power" is used for various applications depending on what class and weapons you have. Medics use this to dispense med kits.  Engineers use it to drop explosives to breach walls, and doors.  Lieutenants use this to command artillery bombardments using his binoculars.  As for Soldiers it depends on what weapons you're carrying, so read up on the next section for more info.  This effectively prevents players from 'bunny hopping' all over the level like morons, because with a full stamina meter, you'll only be able to jump once or twice (in fact, that's exactly why the original concept was introduced into Day of Defeat - Back then Half Life had no way to disallow bunny hopping).

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Killing Toys

MG42 These are the permanently mounted machine guns that are placed in "pill boxes" and other windows on the Axis base. All classes can use this weapon. Ammunition is infinite until it's damaged often by an explosion of some kind.  It can't be damaged by shooting at it, or flaming it. It can't be destroyed completely, but an engineer can repair it in about 20 seconds.  To use it just approach it till you see a "hand" icon in the middle of your screen, then press your "use" key.  When you have it mounted, your perspective is a little bit zoomed in so be aware of what's going on near you since someone can come up right near you and kill you.  

MP40 is a basic machinegun with a small punch. This uses a 32 round clip, and doesn't overheat from sustained firing. This weapon doesn't use your power meter.

Tompson (aka Tommy Gun) is another machinegun with a stronger punch.   Uses 30 round clip, and doesn't overheat from sustained firing. This weapon doesn't use your power meter.

Sten is a machinegun with a much stronger punch that uses 32 round clip, and does overheat from sustained firing. This weapon doesn't use your power meter.

Mauser is your sniper rifle. Use your ALT-Fire button to use the scope, your to zoom, use your zoom-in and zoom-out keys.  Bind this to your mouse wheel, and you have a great way of sniping.  At the left of your scope is a stability meter. The smaller it shrinks the more true your aim will be.  The longer you stay still and don't move around the smaller that indicator will get, however you are still able to aim.  Crouching down also seems to help speed up the shrinking of the stability indicator.  Be warned there is a lot of kickback from this rifle, so the more zoomed in your are, the more your view will be off after you fire. Power meter isn't used with the Mauser.

Panzerfaust is your rocket launcher.  You only get four rockets to use, and your power meter will drain after each shot, and you must wait until it is full again before you can fire another rocket.  DO NO ROCKET JUMP. It doesn't work. Walking around with this weapon armed will slow you down, so it's best to switch to a different weapon so you can move about quicker.

Mini-Gun is a heavy weapon chain gun.  This weapon does overheat like the Sten does, but has a much higher rate of fire, so you should be able to squeeze off more rounds before it does.  It also takes a second or two for it to spin up before it start to fire.  You get 400 rounds to spray.

Flamethrower is the most beautiful of all the weapons.  The flame it shoots out is nothing more than breath taking, and deadly.  This was the most talked about weapon since the game was in development.

Side Arm All classes have a hand pistol for a side arm, with a couple of clips to reload.  The Pistol the Axis uses looks just like a German Glock, however the pistol the Allies uses appears to be a more modern looking weapon than what would have been available during World War II.

Grenades You get four of them to toss around.  When you hold down your fire button you'll begin to prime the grenade for about 5 seconds.  You'll get an audible clicking sound, with a throbbing icon of the grenade at the lower left.  If you don't let go of the fire button you'll blow your self up.  And as with Rocket Jumping, grenade jumping doesn't work either.

Knife All classes carry a knife, not very useful, but oddly enough you can stab holes with it into concrete. 

So how does the game play?

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