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Reviewed By: Monty "FRAGaLOT" Gonzales [09.26.01]
Category: Action FPS
Developer: Gray Matter Interactive
Publisher: Activision
ETA: 11.13.01
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What Would A WWII Game Be Without...

This is multiplayer test game that uses the Quake 3 Area engine. There isn’t a single player mission to The game, but you can start up your own server so you can look around the mp_beachtest map, which is the only map included in the game. There are no bots in this test version.

This map is very similar to a mission on “Day of Defeat” (a Half-Life mod) dod_omaha, which puts you into a World War II battle beach front scene.  The Allied team has just landed on the beach, and is trying to infiltrate the Axis team base.  In the case of the Wolfenstein MP test, the object for the Allied powers is to penetrate the Axis’ base, find the “War Documents” and head to the radio room upstairs, and transmit the information.  This all has to be done in eight minutes or the Axis team wins by default.

Keep in mind this isn’t the full-blown game. Nerve software, and Grey Matter Studios are just testing it’s multiplayer network code to iron out any kinks, as well as develop better game play.  From what I’ve been playing for the past couple weeks now is that the networking code works just fine. The only problems I’ve noticed were simply limitations of the bandwidth that any given server may have.  The admins simply let too many players on for that his/her network can handle.  Once an extra player comes on, the whole game lags out, until someone leaves.  At first system admins didn’t have the servers set up properly because by default the game sets a network rate of only 2500 (speed of a dialup modem) so once admins and players set up their networking speed properly, the game runs just as smooth as Quake3 does.  Of course having broadband helps as a player.   :o)

There are some different nuances than there are with typical team-based class games. Picking a class isn’t as simple as it would be on say Team Fortress Classic, because there’s no specific class to be a “sniper” or a “heavy weapons guy”. In the WolfMP test, you first choose your class, then your weapons separately. However there are classes where you have limited choices on weapons.

There are four different classes. All classes carry a side arm pistol, primary weapon of the players choice, knife, grenades, and extra clips for their pistol. All classes models appear identical to each other. The only way to notice the difference is to look at what they are carrying on their back. Axis players wear large dark colored overcoats, while allied players wear khaki and green uniforms. Best way to identify if a player you're looking at is a friend or foe is that a friendly player will display his name, class, and a health meter on screen as you look directly at him, but an enemy player will display nothing. All classes can use the stationary MG42 guns.

A Soldier is sort of a generic class because he is the only one that can carry all the weapons available. He appears normal with a small rounded backpack. So if you want to carry a big mini-gun, use a flame thrower, or be a sniper, you first have to choose to be a soldier class first, then you pick out the appropriate weapon you want.

Medics are just like how they are in TFC, and more. There is a white cross symbol stenciled on his helmet, and on his backpack. Medics can revive fallen soldiers that have just recently been shot down and wounded, but not dead yet. Medics can also drop health medic packs on the ground for others to pick up and heal them selves with. 

Engineers are more like demolition men, with a set of pliers. They are responsible for placing explosives to blow open walls and doors into areas that your team needs to get into. Enemy engineers can also defuse these bombs. "Engines" are also able to repair damaged MG42 guns placements. This is a needed class for the Allied team, since they need to blow up one of two areas to infiltrate the enemy base, and accomplish the mission.

The final class is Lieutenant. They can supply their team mates with ammo, order air strikes by dropping a smoke grenade were they want the strike to occur, and they can also command a artillery bombardment using his binoculars. Pressing your [B] key (or whatever key you have binded to it) lets you zoom in on the battle field and look around. Press your fire button to start the artillery strike near the point of where you’re looking at. These two attacks only work outdoors. If you toss the smoke grenade in doors (or into a window) the air strike will abort (can’t see target). Same goes for the artillery bombardment, if you’re looking into a window with your binoculars.

What else does it have?

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