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Reviewed By: Bryan Pizzuti [02.17.02]
Category: RPG
Developer: Sir-tech Canada
Publisher: Sir-tech Canada
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RPGs usually can't score very well here. Let's face it; just like a book, when an RPG is finished, all you can do is read the same story again. That being said, you might pick up things you missed the last go-around, but most of the plot-critical stuff will be in the same place as before. Of course, there are 3 difficulty levels, and also an "Ironman" mode, which allows ONLY autosaving, so the challenge level can be increased, but it's still the same story. And unfortunately, there's no multiplayer, but multiplayer in an RPG is tough to implement.

Score: 8/15

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Wizardry 8 is an epic story and a great game, all in one box. The interface is flexible, and will adjust to your needs. The graphics are richly detailed, and a pleasure to look at, without dragging your attention away from the story itself. Now I understand why SirTech felt the absolute need to complete this game, no matter what, because it's simply fantastic. After playing this, I hope that one day someone releases a Wizardry Collection, containing games 1 through 7, since I haven't played most of them, and my curiosity has been sparked by number 8. Anyone who enjoys RPGs or a good sci-fi/fantasy story shouldn't hesitate to spend the money on Wizardry 8, because it's well worth it. I truly hope SirTech finds a way to continue making games.

Score Summary

First Impressions: 8/10
3 install size options, but no clue which CD is the "PlayCD"

Manual: 8/10
Beautifully thick and detailed manual which explains everything. No real in-game tutoring; a single mistake can sometimes make your characters very dead VERY quick.

Plot: 10/10
Absolutely wonderfully told and engaging story forms the heart and soul of this RPG.

Graphics: 19/20
Stunning graphics for an RPG here, that give you a rich and detailed world to look at without distracting from the story. Some texture boundaries visible only in outdoor areas.

Sound: 13/15
Very nice music to accompany battles and cutscenes. The party members seem to have forgotten their MP3 Players (or flutes), since there is no background music in most other areas.

Control/Gameplay: 18/20
Excellent overall experience; the game is easy to play and configure. 2 timing systems available for combat, though forcing the party to stay so close together may be considered a problem.

Replayability: 8/15
3 difficulty levels and an Ironman mode are as much replayability as you get here.

Final Score: 84/100
Wizardry 8 is a great RPG, and shows that SirTech really knows their stuff.

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