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Reviewed By: Brad 'Raven262' Phau [02.20.01]
Manufactured by: Kanie
Suggested Price: $50 

Chrome Orb Don't Fail Us! ...doh...

The highest I could safely take the Chrome Orb was 900Mhz from the default of 850Mhz. It would post at 950, but the system would crash after going to the desktop. Not wanting to disappoint my friend, I decided to take the Kanie 238M all copper Hedgehog for a spin (please tell me that pun was unintentional -Ed).

Now I'm sure glad that I got to install this thing, because as we all know, socketed AMD CPU's are very fragile and improper installation of a heatsink can result in a new key chain for you know who. AMD's spec's for recommended heatsink weight is 300 grams. The Kanie Hedgehog is one fat oinker in this area, weighing in at about 470 grams. I'm sure their reasoning for making it so big is that it can absorb and dissipate more heat than conventional coolers (copper is much heavier than aluminum as well).

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The Hedgehog's claim to fame is that it's one of very few "all copper" heatsinks. Most heatsinks these days are made of aluminum because it's cheap and has a pretty descent thermal conductance. Here's a quick graph of some common metals and their thermal conductance.

You can easily see that silver and copper have the best thermal conductance, As silver is too expensive for a massive heat sink, the manufacturers at best use copper. Using aluminum is cheaper but the conductivity is by far not as good as copper. So here we have a reason to believe that this cooler will do it's job well.

So off I went. I slapped all the pieces together with no problems, spread some Arctic Silver around and used a small pliers to mount the heatsink with the retaining clip to the CPU. A small note is that this clip is really nice. It holds the heatsink on very well, just be careful when putting it on to avoid a cracked CPU. That sucker has a lot of tension! 

After securing the Hedgehog, I skipped 900Mhz and fired up the system at 950Mhz. Ran some Prime95 for a few hours, ran some 3DMark 2k benches and all was well. This cooler wasn't even breaking a sweat! I didn't wait around longer to see if I could go higher so I rebooted, changed the multiplier again, and the 1Ghz pearl was within my grasp. Ran some tests, temperatures were good so I rebooted again and then brought it up to 1.05Ghz. This CPU was running like a rock, leaving an evil grin on my face. How about 1.1Ghz? Ooohh yeah! This baby was going the distance. It posted, windows was booting to the desktop, and then the worst happened. Sudden lockup. An overclocker's worst nightmare. I smoked my cig, and shook my head. Eventually looking to the brighter side of things, I realized that this cooler did the job the Chrome Orb couldn't. It took our 850 up to 1050, and I left it at that. 

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