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Thermaltake Golden Orb PGA [06.08.00] - lowlight

Price: Varies - Around $15-20 USD

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Installation is another thing that makes the Golden Orb unique.  Rather than using a standard retaining bar to hold the heatsink on the chip, a round 'screw' type retaining clip is used.  Have a look:

I had absolutely no problems installing and uninstalling this thing; have you?

I have heard people say that this thing is hard to install, and even some people breaking the tabs on their sockets.  All I can say from MY experience is, I had absolutely NO problems installing it.  It wasn't even relatively hard! I've had more problems using 'normal' clips than I did with this!

The Golden Orb will also come with some thermal paste already applied.  I kept it on, because it is at least as good as the stuff I normally use.  If you have copper paste, or something similar, you can easily wipe the pre-applied paste off, and do whatever you want with it (I've heard of pretty good performance increases while using copper paste with these).

Other Notes

The shape of the Golden Orb, and the retaining clip make it perfectly suited for both FCPGA Pentium 3's and Celeron II's (no shim required), as well as PPGA Celerons, and even your Socket 7 Pentiums! Thermaltake also makes a Slot 1 AND a Slot A version! A G'orb for every CPU!  I have even seen these things mounted on video cards, but you'll lose a PCI slot or two (or three!)

Click on the thumbnail for a 1024x768 shot

Noise isn't an issue with the Golden Orb either.  I found both Alphas to be pretty loud, and while you will hear some humming, it's not like your desktop is situated on an Airport Runway.

The power cable was plenty long enough (the earlier Golden Orbs had shorter cables, but never enough to really cause problems).

Testing, Testing...

To record temperatures, we used the Super Cooler (don't ask me where they got the name; those little fans aren't going to cool shit).  We ran it up against the Intel OEM HSF that comes with the retail CPU, and for reference, we're going to show you the numbers for both Alpha FCPGA coolers.  The CPU was a Coppermine 550e clocked at 770 MHz, because that's as fast as the OEM would bring it, and we want controlled testing here.

This little guy fits right into your 5.25" bay, and has room for four Thermo-Probes™.  Those two little fans are next to completely useless, but it came in handy for testing, as the Tyan s1854 doesn't come with any sort of onboard diag tools.  This is the Super Cooler, kindly supplied by AMK Services.

It looks cool, it's cheap, it has a name you can actually remember... How does it perform?

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