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Thermaltake Golden Orb PGA [06.08.00] - lowlight

Price: Varies - Around $15-20 USD

It's Been a Long Time Coming

We originally told you that we we would have the infamous "Majesty" (or Golden Orb, as most people know them as now) in for review to coincide with out Alpha reviews (both the Pin model and Fin model).  Unfortunately, due to some severe shipping problems with the company with which we originally placed our order, we didn't receive the unit until just recently.  So, we're sorry the review is several months late; there just wasn't much we could do about it.

Slightly wider than the Intel HSF, the Golden Orb has to be the coolest looking HSF around

The Little HSF That Could

I use the term 'infamous' to describe the Golden Orb, because it is well documented that this 'little' (in terms of price) unit gives you awesome performance for its price.  I originally wanted to put it head to head with one of the PGA Alphas, but unfortunately, that was impossible.  Hey, we still have the Alpha benchmarks though, so we can use them as a comparison.  I will also use the stock Intel HSF as a control unit.  First, let's list the prices:

  • Alpha CO-PEP66T: $35.00
  • Golden Orb: $15.00
  • Intel Stock: Free with retail CPU

So there you have it; the Golden or is less than HALF PRICE of the Alpha 'sideways' fin model (reviewed here).

Is This Not the Coolest HSF You've Seen?

One thing that immediately stands out with the Golden Orb is the shape.  I'd be lying to you if I said Thermaltake was the first company to introduce the 'orb' style coolers; HP has been making them for quite a while on some of their machines, and OCers picked them up quickly.  Unfortunately though, because they weren't intended for our CPU's, they never really became mainstream.  Thermaltake saw the opportunity, and jumped on it, providing us with a cool looking, affordable, and as you'll find out, great performing product!

Click on the image for a high res shot (we now use 1024x768 only!)

As you can see, it is big, but not 'block three DIMM slots' big.  As a matter of fact, in our test system (using a Tyan s1854 board) not one DIMM was blocked! That was not the case with the Alphas; click on these links to see: The Alpha Fin model blocking one DIMM slot, and the Alpha Pin model blocking TWO DIMM slots!

The shape brought no problems to us... It was just the right size to leave all of our DIMMs open, and it didn't block anything else, including the ZIFF clip on our Slocket adapter (which the Alphas block every time, causing you to either modify the clip, or get a Slocket with a flat plastic clip).  Thermaltake did a great job imitating the original HP coolers; Abit BP6 users will have to modify it though (these guys will put you in the know on the required mods).

WOOHOO Not one blocked DIMM! This is certainly one of the Golden Orb's best advantages.

How do you work that thing?

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