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Reviewed By: Carl 'lowlight' Nelson [10.25.00]
Manufactured by: ThermalTake
Suggested Price: $13

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What was the second thing I noticed about the Blue Orb? Well turn it around and have a look...

It's somewhat hard to tell from this picture, but the surface area is actually quite small.  You may have tried using the Chrome or Golden Orb on an older Celeron chip (the ones with the big dies), and found them not to cover the entire chip.  Well the Blue Orb has the exact same problem! It doesn't cover the entire chipset! As you will see, it still performed quite well, but I can't help but to think that it would have performed even better if it covered the entire GeForce 2 chipset! This is troubling to me mostly because it was specifically designed for video card and motherboard chipsets, which are both about the same size.

Another thing you can tell from this picture is that the contact area isn't entirely smooth.  In fact, it has quite deep gouges on it.  This is nothing a bit of sanding and some elbow grease can't take care of, but still, not everyone wants to lap the cooler after they've been waiting for days for it to come in the mail...


As I stated on the previous page, the Blue Orb comes with everything you need to install it on any graphics or motherboard chipset.  If your board has correctly-placed peg-holes, you can use the pegs that come with it.  If not, you're stuck with Thermal Tape.

Also included is a small pack of thermal paste.  It's not the best stuff in the world, but it sure beats thermal tape!  In the retail package, you'll also find a 3-to-4 pin adapter, in case either your motherboard doesn't have enough adapters, or they are out of reach.  The latter shouldn't be the case, since ThermalTake provides a nice long power cord.  If you pay attention while installing it, you should be able to plug it into almost any adapter on the board.  If you use the 3 pin, you'll be able to read the RPM of the fan.

If you pay attention while you install the Blue Orb, the cord should be jutting this way.  If not, you'll need to either reinstall, or use the 4-pin adapter.

How did it install on motherboard chipsets? Quite crappily, I'm afraid.  I tired installing the Blue Orb on two very popular motherboard (both of which use Via's KT133 chipset, which runs quite hot).

On the Abit KT7-RAID, you will have to use the thermal tape, since the peg-holes are incompatible with the Blue Orb.

On the Asus A7V, installation just ain't gonna happen.  There was an electrolytic capacitor right beside the chipset, and although the peg-holes are compatible with the Blue Orb, there just wasn't enough room for installation! Make sure you have enough room if you are planning on buying one of these for your motherboard!

How does it perform?

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