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Alpha FC-PAL35T Coppermine HSF [04.20.00] - lowlight

Supplied by: AMK Services
Price: $49.99 CAD ($33 USD) + S&H

Say Hi to Mr. FC-PAL66T (Don't You Dare Forget His Name!)

The Alpha PAL35T is very similar to the PEP66T we looked at last week.  Like the PEP66T, it has an enormous 26 CFM fan on top.  It also uses a similar retention clip, as well as a copper heat transfer plate on the bottom, and the wonderful Four Plastic Pegs to help keep the behemoth balanced on the tiny Coppermine slug.

There are two major differences between the two coolers though.  The PAL35T stands up straight, like a normal HSF should, while the PEP66T's fan is mounted on the side, to make room for the SDIMM slots, when using a slotket adapter.  Furthermore, the PAL35T uses literally hundreds of pins to dissipate heat, where the PEP66T uses more standard fins (though they are very big).

My Pal is Nothing But a Big Bully

The Alpha dwarves the Intel OEM HSF unit.

See how big that is? If not, click on the image for a closer look.. This thing is absolutely HUGE! Standing next to the PEP66T (called "Fin Model" from here on), it doesn't look quite as big, but if you compare the actual surface area of each, I'd have to say that the PAL35T (I'll call this one "Pin Model") wins in that category, on account of the hundreds of tiny pins. 

Can you count them all?

Because there are so many pins, there is a ton of surface area.  In fact I'll tell you now that this Pin Model actually outperformed the Fin Model by a small margin!

Why Pay More?

I'll go over the advantages (over a stock HSF) of the chip first, then I'll get into the disadvantages, then I'll cover the performance.  First advantage: The copper transfer pad.  This is supposed to help transfer heat from the CPU as fast as possible, because as we all know, copper conducts heat faster than aluminum, while aluminum dissipates it faster.  You get the best of both worlds with this guy.

Advantage 2: Raw Power.  That YS Tech fan is moving a LOT of air for a CPU heatsink.  They are rated at 26 CFM! Be sure to turn it around when you receive your Alpha, because they are a lot better at sucking than they are at blowing (uhh).

Like the PEP66T, this pin model also has a copper plate for better heat transfer

I already mentioned the plastic pegs; they are great for balancing the PAL on the tiny Coppermine slug.  They are also spaced right, so you can use this on your PPGA Celeron for now, until you upgrade.

This is Going to Be a Tight Fit.

Remember how I mentioned that the Fin Model had that fan on the side, to make room for your SDIMM slots on the motherboard? Even with that modification, one slot was still blocked off.  If you plan on buying this Pin Model instead, I hope you are either using the FCPGA socket on your motherboard, or have no need for more than one DIMM slot, because that's all you're going to get if you're using a Slotket adapter...

Have more than two RAM chips? Forget about it...

On our Tyan s1854 (reviewed here), two, count 'em TWO entire DIMM slots were completely blocked off.  The only way around this would be to use the FCPGA socket, but you can't overclock with that on this board.  This cooler is definitely not meant to be used in a slot.

I should mention though, that on many boards, only one DIMM slot will be blocked, and on some, you will have room for all three! Just check ahead before deciding on this, because while it is a great cooler, you still want to be able to upgrade your RAM!

What is this thing called again?

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