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Default Iphone games

So, I got this iphone thingy for christmas. I'm really starting to explore just how much time I can waste with all the free apps.

What's all you guys favorite free stuff, and is there anything you paid for that was just totally worth it?

FYI - I'm find the FPS controls terrible. This thing needs PSP control sticks.
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Default Re: Iphone games

No Iphone for me as work refuses to support activesync. I did get a nice Bold 2 though. The Poker game on it is pretty sweet
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Default Re: Iphone games

I'm sure the iPhone has these apps if the Pre does, but heres what I use:

Pandora (Pandora. Musics. Happiness.)
Where (Gives you movie times, weather, gas prices, starbucks, local news etc)
Word Ace (Poker-like game with letters instead of numbers, so you make words to get points. This one MIGHT be a Pre exclusive, i'll check)
Wooter (Frontend for the several Woot sites)
Asphalt 5 (Excellent arcade racer, reminds me of the Cruisin series)
Whats for Dinner (Recipes and a shopping list creator. Kinda neat, if you decide you want spaghetti and chicken, you just find the recipe and itll give you a list of ingredients to pick up at the store)
A+ Student Organizer (Keeps track of grades and assignments for me)
VisualBoy Advanced (GBC/GBA Emulator, gotta get mah pokemans on)
gDial Pro (Apple wont let this one through, so iphone users have to go to the google voice site)
Radiotime (Use this to listen to my local AM channels for the couple baseball games I like to hear)
Newsroom (Kinda like an RSS reader on crack, very polished high quality app. I use it to keep up on my blogs)
wIRC (Pretty decent IRC client)
Casino Blackjack (Self Explanitory)
Music Remix (Got this to replace the built in app, has more features like Lyrics lookup, wikipedia lookup, bookmarking [great for ebooks], youtube search and a few other fun things)

EDIT: Just checked on Word Ace for you, it's on the iphone, and it's free. Check it out.


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