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Unread 03-28-2007, 11:10 AM   #1
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Default overclocking my e6300

hello my respected overclocking betters.

I need some fast informative advice. I'm looking to overclock my e6300 to about a 400mhz fsb in order to match a 1:1 ratio on my DDR800 ram.

mobo: 965p-dq6
ram: ddr800 geil cas 5

I'd like to know the type of cpu voltage and fsb voltage required to pull such an overclock off stabily.

I'm not looking to break any land speed records, but just to get optimum value from my cpu, ram and mobo.
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Default Re: overclocking my e6300

FSB doesn't have a voltage.

the CPU voltage for stability is a trial and error. it depends on the CPU, motherboard etc..

try upping it to the speed you want in increments. run prime95 to test stability. if it gets unstable, try upping the voltage by a small increment and run the test again. continue until you can't get system stable or you reached your target speed
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Default Re: overclocking my e6300

The vFSB doesn't do much. Don't worry about it.

The vICH controls the southbridge voltage. Again, don't worry about it.

The vMCH (northbridge), vCore (CPU), and vDIMM (RAM) are the only ones you need look at. The DQ6 shouldn't have any problems reaching 450FSB+.

I'd recommend setting the FSB to 375 for starters, keep the multi at 7x, put the RAM at a 2:1 ratio and 2.1-2.2v. Adjust the CPU and MCH voltage as needed and just work your way up the FSB to as high as the CPU or board will go. Just remember to keep an eye on your temps (I'd say don't let them go above ~65C load) and don't put more than ~1.45v through the CPU for 24/7 use...esspecially since we're going into the hot weather.

EDIT: For reference, I overclocked my previous E6300 here: http://hardcoreware.net/forum/showthread.php?t=27263
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Default Re: overclocking my e6300

theres fsb MAX voltage

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