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6 March Team Stats. We looked really good today, wait till you see the members section!

6 March HCW Members production and stats. 23 Members producing today and 14 did 100+ candidates today! Pretty soon I'm going to say 14 members over 200+ a day!
TSGK 30,000, Ronin 5,000, kzin 3,000, bjm 1,000, Forgotten 1,000, ShizZits 500.

Top 25 Worldwide producers and stats. We had 7 members in the top 25 today, almost 25% of the top 25!

1 - 55 was the upper 3rd today and again we showed strength here 14 Members in the upper 3rd. 7 members are showing below. Look at LL go, I wonder where he is getting all that computing power from?

The middle of the overall members production. We are in the upper half here also.

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