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Default HCW D2OL Team

This is the new thread for the HCW Sengents team and all other's to post in. The other three thread's remain open for now, but please use this thread for further posting and daily updates.

If you want to learn about Sengents and what it does, please go to the First Sengents thread and read the first page in that thread or to the second link below.

NOTE: I'll be updating and changing the contents of this forum throughout the week. Added on 17 Feb. rstarr

First Sengents thread.

Second Sengents Thread.

Last Sengents Thread.

What Sengents D2OL is all about.

Download Link for D2OL.

Stats page from Griz's page

HCW Stats Stats from Griz's stats page.

Dspy Link.This allows you to view your progress without opening the main program (GUI) Get the newest verson dated 21 Jan 2003, DSpy 0.961 R

Here is the LINK for the white box D2OL counter you see some member have. Once at that site, just enter your username in the white box. Right click and copy your white box, then open your user cp and paste into your sig. You'll need to add this to the beginning and end of what you pasted:
[ IMG ] The pasted link [ /IMG ] Be sure to remove the spaces I inserted between the brackets. This is the only way it'll show up, with spaces. Below is a sample of that box:

Once you have joined the HCW D2OL Team you can get a D2OL counter to place into your sig. Here is the link for getting the counter. You must enter the username you have for D2OL. Right click, select properties and copy the URL then paste into your sig block. Place [ img ] [ /img ] in front and back of the url. Don't forget to take out the spaces!

Please see below for daily updates and HCW member's post's relating to Sengents D2OL. We hope you join our team to fight 5 major Bioterrorism organisms through Distributed computing technology.
Our teams name is hardCOREware. (Join from this link)

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