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Default Re: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Channel Speakers

The main problem with the 906/5300/5500 etc is the frequency response.

The subs cover a strange band of bass/midbass and trade accuracy for a loud single-frequency boom. The subs are required to go higher than they should, making the low mid extremely muddy. I find vocal tracks in movies to be the worst, any deep male voice sounds hilarious. Despite the subs being crossed over so high, there's a big gap between where the subs stop and the sats start, and you're pretty much just completely missing a whole bunch of frequencies. When you get high enough for the sats to start making noise, you realise that the speaker and enclosure is not designed for accurate audio reproduction. It colours the sound and makes the mids honky, brash and hard to listen to. Very Fatiguing. Then there's nothing doing the high end because they didn't include a tweeter, so that's just missing too. Every time I listen to speakers like these I feel a little deaf, as though I have clogged ears or something.

In addition to the lumpy frequency response, I find the amplifiers in these speaker sets quite nasty. They seem to be able to push a fair amount of power to the subwoofer (though that could be the boomy box design playing tricks) but they seem to forget that the sats need some love too. They all seem to have a high level of distortion once you push the volume past halfway that makes the cheap sats sound even worse.

So no I wouldn't recommend pairing the z906 sub with klipsch sats. Considering you don't have the space for an amp, I'd stick with what you've got unless you want to:

-Downgrade sound quality, lose even more sat/sub cohesion but gain massive boomy-ass bass. Then get the logis.

-Spend more and put in some time/research and either buy a class-t amplifier (very small) and some bookshelf speakers, or buy monitor-style speakers with the amp built in la Audioengine A5. They'll provide acceptable bass but if you want the room to rattle then you'd need to buy a sub too. You'd shit all over any "computer speakers". Any. You'd be going second hand for the speakers and sub, but it's probably pretty easy to do everything for a couple hundred if you're in the USA, gear over there is cheap as chips.

If Dallas is comfy enough to whip out his e-peen then then I'll use mine to make a very similar point. I've got about $14k of gear doing 2ch duties in the lounge. Even used to that, does my old $150 setup in the garage still put a smile on my face? Hell yeah! I can listen and love it. What about my logis? packed in a box, in the roof. Even in the garage they made me cringe.
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