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Default Re: Logitech Z-5500 5.1 Channel Speakers

Originally Posted by AgrAde View Post
In comparison to the Klipschs any logitech computer speaker is honky, brash and lacking finesse. You can't trust wattage ratings either, they don't mean a thing. The amp in the logis is pretty bad.

If you're wanting to go onwards and upwards from you promedias, you'd be looking at a decent pair of bookshelf speakers and an amp.
So I've been thinking about getting the Z906 and replacing the sats with a Klipsch Quintet set. As far as computer speakers go, I don't want to have to setup a full size amp in my office with the foot print that goes with it. Plus, if I'm going to buy a new receiver, I'd end up spending more than I want.

When you say the logitec amp is pretty bad--are you referring to the Z-5500 or the Z906? From my research, it seems people are pretty happy with the Z906 sub (fewer opinions on the amp), and I like the slim control panel and integrated amp.

So the question is; can I improve on my ProMedia setup by using the sub/amp from the Z906 and replacing the sats with a Quintet set? Or at this point, is there really no point unless I'm going to get a real amp and sub and forget about using anything from the Z906?
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