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Default Re: Intel Core i7 “Nehalem” Review

review looks awesome IMHO. BTW Nehalim = streams in Hebrew. in fact all of Intel's latest and greatest are based on Israeli design(P-M). the banias and dotan (Pentium-M) are both named after Israeli rivers and ancient cities, and yonah (Core Solo/Duo) is also an Israeli/Jewish name(and it also means dove). Merom is a Place in the Golan heights and also is the Hebrew word for a higher plane of existence or a level of heaven :P

i find that even tho the predicted price differential isn't that big (in Israel it will be larger tho, I'm sure of that, it always is) that DDRII is so damn cheap. its so cheap that you can get 8gb for less than the price of one 3x1 DDR3 kit o_0
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